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We're always open

We're always open


YLLO + You

We love your whole vibe and what you stand for—which is why we want to work with you! We have a few guidelines for you to follow when representing our brand. We take pride in curating great content for our feed, which we know you totally get.

A Little Bit About Us

We’re YLLO—a 100% natural turmeric-based face scrub that wants you to spice up your skincare. Traditionally used in South Asian Haldi ceremonies, turmeric is known for giving the bride and groom a beautiful glow and radiant complexion on their wedding day. Turmeric also fight acnes, facial hair growth, and uneven skin tone, and more.

Unfortunately, child marriage is massively prevalent in many of these ceremonies: 47% of women in India alone are married before they celebrate their 18th birthday. It’s our mission to let girls be girls and live up to their full potential. We donate a portion of proceeds to charities that work towards ending child marriage around the globe.

Selfie Guidelines

Bright and bold, with a ton of attitude! Take photos in front of clean, light backgrounds that will let our vibrant yellow scrub shine. Accents that we want: shades of pinks, whites, and/or greys. Lighting is key. We don’t accept photos that are badly lit. You must have our scrub on that beautiful face. You can showcase the package if you want—it’s up to you.


Flatlay Guidelines

Focus on colour—make our yellow scrub stand out! If choosing to shoot a flatlay, there must be accents in the photo that complement our product. Think natural (greenery, for example). The scrub itself needs to be showcased. You can get creative with it! We won’t accept aerial shots of our package alone.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at We’re so excited to work with you! Happy scrubbing!