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Inspired by Indian traditions that naturally nourish skin in transparent and holistic ways, YLLO seeks to solve complicated problems with ingredients you can feel good about, while helping girls be girls.


A little bit about us :

HER /  For years, Jaz suffered from recurring skin problems—meaning she’s tried just about everything out there. It became hard to justify using brand name products full of mystery ingredients. In the end, it felt like most of these products focused on hiding problems rather than healing them. As someone who loves living as natural as possible, she wanted a product she could understand, with fast results. After hearing about turmeric's amazing benefits, YLLO’s formula was born—a simple, vegan product that just works, made with ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

HIM /  Raised in a Bengali family, Jamil was first exposed to turmeric-based skincare on a trip to Bangladesh. At a family wedding, he experienced the Holud (Haldi) ceremony, where the bride and groom are covered with a homemade turmeric paste, resulting in soft, glowing skin. Unfortunately, a third of girls in his homeland are married before their 18th birthday—mostly against their will to a man they barely know. His own grandmother was married at just 9 years old. His mother’s marriage was arranged when she was 16, causing an abrupt halt to her promising track and field career. His goal is to empower girls to make their own choices while educating communities on the negative effects of child marriage.